What delivers exceptional corporate performance?

Two things, working in combination:

1. A strong leadership team

“I’ve got the team.”      


2. Single-mindedness – of purpose and of priorities.

“The A1P2 approach ticks all the boxes.”  



The A1P2 approach to strategic planning is testimony to the power of good process, the logic of incorporating proven ingredients, and the value of adopting a systems thinking perspective.

We believe that:

  • Strategic planning is an ongoing conversation about the future – a conversation that involves the board the executive team, and everyone else in the organisation.
  • Single-mindedness of purpose is the place to start.  Single-mindedness of priorities comes next.
  • Sustained performance involves a balancing act between optimising for today and transforming for tomorrow.
  • The future-defining calls are few, but they are vital.
  • People get distracted, and conflicted.
  • Transformation must be managed, if it is to happen at all.
  • Risk and return are related. Strategic planning enables management of the first in order to achieve the second.

The A1P2 approach is introduced through a facilitated process methodology, and then operates as a dynamic planning system. With this dynamic approach you can be confident that your organisation continues to engage with the future on favourable terms.

‘Facilitated’ ?

In Latin the word for ‘easy’ is facilis.  A facilitator is just someone who comes alongside for a while to make unfamiliar things easy.

Introducing a formal strategic planning process into your organisation is an important initiative.  It would be natural enough if you felt apprehensive.  You want to get it right.

That’s why A1P2 takes the approach that it does.  One of us joins your team, for part of its journey, in order to bring proven processes, specialist knowledge and relevant skills to a particular context.

We can take the bumps out of the road for you, because we’ve traveled these routes before, in a variety of vehicles, and with different drivers, in all sorts of weather and in every season.  We know what to expect, and how to respond.  We know what’s important – and what’s not.  We know the difference between being a navigator and a back seat driver.

And then once you have completed the initial cycle, the inaugural Strategic Plan has been documented, the planning system is bedded down and the relevant knowledge transfer has taken place, our introduction job is done.  But not until then.

You’ll sleep better.  And with good reason.

Meet Adrian Dignam, your A1P2 strategic planning facilitator.

AD 2011 head shot tieAdrian Dignam has been introducing strategic and other planning systems into organisations of every description for more than twenty years.  He is one of Australia’s most accomplished planning facilitators, and the author of Take the Brakes Off! (just released on Amazon).  Adrian is the Principal of Business Generation Pty Limited and is based in Sydney.

Are you looking to embrace the future with confidence?  The A1P2 approach does just that. Click here and we’ll fill out the picture for you.